About Entrance Studies

About Entrance Studies

EntranceStudies is free online entrance preparation platform for thousands of the students seeking careers in engineering and medical field. The main benefit of studying via this web protal is flexibility, convenience, and freedom. All the informationabout entrance exams is available at all times.

The main features of EntranceStudies are: Discussion Fourm, Articles, News, Model Exams and many more.

Discussion Forum

Through discussion forum , you can post a question, and it will almost certainly be answered, either by a classmate or the teacher.  You can ask a question and among the answers recieved, you can accept a single answer as a correct answer.


You can access the articles, news relating tomany fields like engineering, medical , technology etc. You can practice model exams.

Model Exams

 We create different model exams targeted for different entrance exams. You can pratise IOE, IOM, MOE enrance model questions. Moreover, you can practice our entrance sets termed ES-EntranceSeries. You have the flexability of practising chapter test of each subject. 

Your preparation for entrance exam via this EntranceStudies platform would be very flexible as you do not attend classes necessarily. You can work at your own pace. You can practise when yourschedule permits. It drives you to be self motivated and actually learn more than you would in a traditional class.

EntranceStudies is really cool to those students who are really distant from coaching instistitutes in Kathmandu valley. Students from remote place now can get information of entrance exam at right time. You can enjoy pre-engineering and pre-medical at home and easily reach to educational goals. I expect, EntranceStudies would be very benificial to our BE and MBBS aspirants.


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