About BScCSIT College.. about 2 years ago

How many BScCSIT college in Kathmandu Valley and What and  Where are they??
Please response 

About engineering about 2 years ago

For reading engineering in TU related institutions ,is passing in extra maths compulsory for bio student like us ?need genuine suggestion

Scholship in Bsc. CSIT about 2 years ago

Can we get schlorship in Bsc. CSIT course in Nepal ?

rough papers about 3 years ago

how many rough papers are given in Entrance? Can we bring papers with ourselfs in the examination?

Calculator about 3 years ago

Which calculator to take in ioe exam pulchowk?

notes about 3 years ago

english ko notes available gardinus na

question from model question about 3 years ago

0.383 of metal on reaction with an acid,. displace 131cc of dry h2 at stp. the specific heat of metal is 0.1.the exact at.weight of meta is???